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Receiving New Directees:   YES

Directing PSWC Clergy & Spouses ProBono:   YES

Directee Genders:   Both MEN & WOMEN

Virtual:  YES 

Retreat/Workshop Leader:   NO

Languages:   ENGLISH



Sebastopol, CA



Journey Center Spiritual Formation Program


Individual Spiritual Direction



My life has been rich and wonderful, filled with joys, sorrows, and adventure. Through it all I have come closer and more aware of Jesus, His love for us and his ability to help in times of trouble.

My husband served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. After the army, he worked as a Sheriff deputy.  We were married for 30 years and had 3 daughters. We walked through cancer three times, beginning when we were 35 and ending with his death at 53. I have remained single for the years since and have filled my life trying to love others and focus on the wonder of faith in Jesus.

 Since his death, God has provided opportunities for education and training that enhance my heart’s desire to walk alongside people with compassion.  A Master of Theology from Fuller Seminary, including one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. Volunteering in Stephen Ministry, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and Hospital Chaplaincy have given my life meaning. All of these involved training. When offered the AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse) training through the ECC, I eagerly invested in this and have led Mending the Soul groups. I went to New Orleans after the hurricane to minister to those affected by the hurricane and volunteered through Salvation Army at the hard hit areas of Santa Rosa 2017 fires. And, of course, I am now serving as a Spiritual Director.


Through these experiences I have a longing to provide an avenue to God’s love when life creates challenges. My daughter is an ordained pastor and I have walked with her through laughter, tears, and frustration. When we are faced with difficulties it affects those we love as well. It helps to have a compassionate person who has walked through hard times themselves to listen and pray.



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